• Jan 2014

    New ground-breaking website.

    I have released my new website. Fully responsive, it works on any browser and on any device. There is no tour in the open area, which features content, real time interaction tools and portal-like services as well as a light version of the members area.

  • Feb 2013

    The final (maybe) act of the World Bukkake Tour and the much needed hiatus.

    54 cities in 3 continents, over 100 bukkake and gangbang events, 6000 fans fucked: these are just a few numbers summing 4 years of World Bukkake Tour up. It's time for me to enjoy my beautiful home and family and to recharge the batteries. I keep shooting porn at home, doing webcam, working at my new website, taking care of my other businesses, but i don't plan to step into a plane for 12 more months. It has been a wonderful journey; it's not going to be the last one.

  • Nov 2012

    I adopt Knuckles and Gizmo from Julia Ann's dogs rescue organization.

    I have met these two little brothers at Julia's home and it has been first sight love. They were looking for a new home and since they didn't mind to travel overseas, i have opened my house and my heart to them. Imagine how awesome it is to go to Barcelona airport to pick 2 Chihuahuas and a living legend pornstar like Julia Ann...now take the puppies out of the picture and keep imagining! Thanks, Julia.

  • Oct 2012

    My second-in-a-row- XBIZ nomination as Web Babe Of The Year.

    As a very independent porn maker and being pretty much a stranger to porn valley politics and networking, this second nomination in a row has come as a surprise to me. Follow the path you believe in, no matter the odds, and you will get recognition for your work.

  • Sep 2012

    My position on condoms, anti-porn lobbies and the call for using rapid tests on set.

    I have released an interview where i set my position on the AHC proposal to make use of condoms on set mandatory. There is a lot of hypocrisy on the subject, the biggest of all being that it would be done for the performers safety. I use rapid HIV tests on site in all my shootings, together with full STDs and HIV tests not older than a week, since 2009; but when i tell industry people about it, i don't get much enthusiasm back. Why? Because it costs an extra 20 bucks per performer per scene just for the rapid test, because if you get caught you have to deal with the embarassement right on set and especially because it calls for more professionality and responsability.

  • Aug 2012

    The final World Bukkake Tour takes off with Julia Ann on board.

    Adult super star and Hall of Famer Julia Ann officially joins the World Bukkake Tour. Years of hard work to let the industry understand the importance of interaction with fans are finally paying back and i don't feel like living on a desert island anymore. Autoreferentiality will be soon a thing of the past, in this industry, and fans will be the core of porn very soon.

  • Apr 2012

    I am the first pornstar to release my own mobile app: and it is the best xxx app ever.

    It's called MobiDeep and it is the first adult app ever which sits on your mobile hidden. Watch my scenes and my webcam, interact with me, know exactly where i am and call me for a date whenever you want: all this without leaving any trace on your mobile. Read more and download it here.

  • Feb 2012

    My first lesbian movie for legendary Girlfriends Films.

    Everybody knows that i like cock, but few know until today that i like my girls too. I have always kept my lesbian encounters a private thing, for my own pleasure. But when Girlfriends Films have proposed to me to shoot a scene with Elexis Monroe for them, i have immediately agreed. The first movie i have shot for them is the number 80 from their plusi awarded lesbian series Women Seeking Women. Check it out here.

  • Dec 2011

    My first XBIZ nomination as Web Babe Of The Year.

    We never care about recognition until we get it, right? It has been a very busy year, professionally, and this nomination is just the ice on the cake. Thanks to all my fans and to those who thought i was worth to be considered for a Best Babe of the Web award.

  • Nov 2011

    I get featured on Hustler magazine.

    Both the print and online versions of Hustler have chosen to feature this crazy, naturally boobed chick who travels the world fucking her fans. Neat and cool!

  • Oct 2011

    Squirting on stage storms the biggest sex fair in Europe.

    The biggest sex fair in Europe to date has got a taste of how awesome is to have a pornstar interacting with her fans live. First ever, i have performed in front of fourty thousands visitors of the Venus sex fair in Berlin, Germany, for three days squirting and fucking without any barriers between me and the audience. Now, that's what you should expect to find at a sex fair, right?

  • Jun 2011

    Popular comic strip Least i could do  mentions me and the World Bukkake Tour.

    How cool is to be featured in a popular comic strip!? Pluri-awarded Canadian comic strip Least I Could Do has dedicated a strip to me and my World Bukkake Tour. Check it out here.

  • May 2011

    Dropping hotels in favour of your comfortable bed.

    Tired of changing hotels in my journey to bring porn to my fans, i have decided to spend even more time with them. For every stop of my tour around the world, my fans will be able to apply to host me in their home. Now i can finally live on the road with you guys and say that i bring porn straight to your homes.

  • Apr 2011

    The Sickest Porn  Award.

    My movie Fan Bang wins the TLA award for Sickest Porn Movie of the year. Healthy.

  • Nov 2010

    Cult movie Fan Bang  is released.

    Los Angeles. Two hours of fully intercoursed sex with 40 fans on a circus-themed set. Porn valley has never seen something like this before: no timing, no rules; just a big gangbang of 40 fans fucking me while surrounded by jugglers, little people and fire eaters. The movie is out. Check it out here.

  • Oct 2010

    Howard Stern takes me back in the show.

    I'm back on The Howard Stern Show to play the role of the contestant of the Biggest Whore contest together with Ava Devine and Bree Olson aka Bree Olsen aka Charlie Sheen brief #winning girl.

  • Sep 2010

    Taking Los Angeles by storm.

    This is my first professional visit in LA and a pretty stormy one. In one month, i shoot 4 movies and 24 scenes for big productions, all with fans, i release 12 interviews, i guest star on Playboy Radio and i go out for dinner and drinks with fans called via Twitter every second day. Porn valley has never seen anything alike before. Many collegues look at me as if i was a weirdo. Let's talk about my business approach three years from now, girls.

  • Apr 2010

    That call from Porn Valley.

    I receive my first call from the porn valley. They want me for an exclusive four movies deal featuring pornstar-meeting-fans material. While everybody is shooting parodies, in LA, it feels awesome to be the one who will shoot some genuine porn.

  • Jan 2010

    On-site additional rapid test becomes mandatory at my European World Bukkake Tour dates.

    While everybody is concerned about safety in porn, i take some unprecedented strict measures for my very own one and for the one of my sexual partners. Everybody who is willing to perform with me during my World Bukkake Tour shows need to have a full HIV and STD (including, to the contrary of what happens is porn valley, epathitis b and c, gonorrhea, syphilis, papilloma) test not older than one week and they also need to rapid test for hiv just a few minutes before performing with me.

  • Dec 2009

    Sexual stimulation becomes a song.

    I release for free on the Net the electro-dance track Stimulate, which gets downloaded by over 100,000 people in the first week and gets pretty awesome reviews by music industry professionals. Check it out here

  • Nov 2009

    Interviewed by Hustler digital.

    Hustler digital interviews me about my adult business unconventional approach and model. Unfortunately i cannot link to it, because the digital edition of Hustler is accessible only via subscription.

  • Aug 2009

    Call me anytime: this is my phone number.

    I release my personal mobile number to my fans, leaking it first on Twitter and other social networks and forums and then making it available on my website. Now my fans can call me whenever they like at the cost of just their telephone provider rates. I am to date still the only pornstar who makes her private telephone number available to their fans and it's always a pleasure to talk to you guys on a daily basis.

  • Jun 2009

    Howard Stern crowns me Queen of Bukkake and Gangbangs.

    Howard invites me on his show to talk and joke about my passion for fucking. Three hours of great fun culminated with one of the most memorable sybian rides in the Howard Stern show history. My episode has been in the top 10 most viewed episodes on Howard TV for more than two years.

  • Jan 2009

    800 fans fucked in one year.

    In 2008 i have met and fucked 800 fans throughout the world. And keeping them cumming.

  • Nov 2008

    Memoirs of a Gusher #4 and Cum On Her Face.

    My first mainstream movie for Pink Visual, Memoirs of a Gusher #4, is a four episodes portrait of natural squirters. Check it out here. While shooting the movie in Vancouver, Canada, i find the time to visit the set of the legendary and infamous COHF (Cum On Her Face) and have my face creamed for good by 20 guys.

  • Oct 2008

    That first double penetration which ended up being a triple one.

    It is time for me to engage in some double penetration action for the first time in my life. It feels good, too good. So good that when a third guy wants to take his slice of the pie i accept with enthusiasm and find myself with two cocks in pussy and on up the ass. I will never look back.

  • Jun 2008

    My first 50 guys gokkun.

    Gokkun is a Japanese porn genre which features the act of swallowing large quantities of semen from a bowl or a recipient. In Rimini, Italy, during one of my World Bukkake Tour stops i have all the cum shot on my face collected in a bowl and drink it all in one go as soon as the last guy has come. Total cumshots swallowed: 76.

  • May 2008

    The World Bukkake Tour changes porn forever.

    The idea is to make porn itinerant and to bring it to fans; my greed for sperm makes the rest and the World Bukkake Tour is born: i start travelling the world to meet hundreds of porn and Sabrina Deep enthusiasts and to make them part of the action. The WBT is the first long term example of fans-pornstars on set interaction and it starts a new porn genre which many will try to exploit.

  • Dec 2007

    Fans deserve more than just watching!

    After The London Gangbang, i have come to the conclusion that something is quite not right in the world of porn. Too autoreferential, too many parodies, fans seen as such only if they pay for content and even then pretty much neglected by pornstars who do all they can to ghettoize their fans and avoid any direct, genuine contact with them. I decide that i want to do porn differently and start working with my team to the Fan Stalker project. Don't just watch it, be part of it!

  • Sep 2007

    A world record-breaker birthday.

    My birthday present is doing 77 men for 8 straight hours, freestyle. Fans performances are not timed like in those ridiculous 500 men gangbangs where each man has 20 seconds to insert their penis inside the performer's vagina and fuck her. 77 men in a room with me, every hole available, let's have fun for 8 hours. The London Gangbang is filmed and becomes the largest and longest gangbang ever broadcasted live. Check it out here.

  • May 2007

    Husband, i want to do porn!

    After a working life spent in sales, spiced with a few erotic and hardcore shootings for magazines, at the age of 28 i decide that i want to start a career in porn, with my own business, my own ideas and a lot of fun for the senses. It takes only five minutes to get my husband support. And the adventure begins.