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Thu, 06.12.2007 12:52
Voted! after seeing some of th e other entries sho uld have no problem winning ;- ) xxxComments ()
Thu, 29.11.2007 14:08
I could fuck your cunt and fil l it with my cum then lick it till you cum.Comments ()
The Fellatio Artist & The Geek about Golden Showers Make Me Orgasm
Mon, 26.11.2007 06:38
Hi! We found you though a g oogle search for golden shower s. We needed a place to jot so me feelings about our fi [...]Comments ()
Fri, 23.11.2007 22:29
This is why you need to live c loser to me. I love licking pu ssy and would lick yours for h ours.Comments ()
Mon, 09.04.2007 13:14
the good farmerComments ()

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